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Are you a charity or non-profit organization in CBRM who would like to be considered for a donation? 


Only members are eligible to nominate a charity/organization. There is no proxy voting.


In order to be considered at a meeting, the organization/charity must be:


  • Based in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).

  • It must be a not-for-profit or charitable organization able to provide tax receipts for donations.

  • The members donation must be used in CBRM and cannot be used for travel or administation costs.

  • It must be previously established for at least 1 year (no start-ups).

  • No national or international charities, programs or organizations will be considered at this time as the current focus is on contributing to our local community.

  • An organization that is selected for the group donation may not be considered again for 5 years.

  • The exception is a specific program within a large organization (for example a specific department or program within a organization who would issue an income tax receipt from the same tax number), which may be considered again after one year for a different program or department.

  • If you have been chosen to present but not awarded your name will go back in the draw automatically in 1 year.

  • Members nominate a charitable organization for consideration upon registering to join our CBRM Chapter and every quarter.

  • Nominations are created as a random draw and 3 are drawn prior to the event.

  • This will be kept a secret unit the night of the meeting. If it becomes public knowledge we must withdrawl your charity until the following quarter.

  • Representatives are asked to make a 5 minute presentation at the meeting and members vote. No power point or props are permitted for the presentation. Only 1 presenter.

  • The organization with the greatest amount of votes is the recipient of the funds and is removed from the selection process for the following 5 years.

  • The charity or organization agrees to not database our members and agrees to not contact them in the future for donations directly related to giving through 100 Women Who Care CBRM. They are encouraged to provide a one time thank you which may be included with your income tax receipt.

  • An awarded charity agrees to return to the following meeting to give an update on how the donation is being used to benefit our community.

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