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How We Work

100 Women Who Care is about bringing together 100 or more women in the CBRM, who are committed to making a direct impact in our community.


  • Each member is committed to contributing $100 four times a year.

  • Members have the opportunity to submit a local and eligible non-profit organisation for nomination.

  • Three local non-profit charities will be chosen before the meeting and they will present their cause to the members in 5 minutes.

  • The members will vote and the chosen charity will be awarded the cheques that night.

  • Based on 100 women equalling a direct donation of $10,000 per meeting, happening 4 times per year!

  • The meetings last one hour, with networking and refreshments prior to the meeting.

  • Members must be 19 years of age. 

Of course, we are not limited to 100 women. The larger the membership, the greater the impact on our community and local charities. Membership will be valid for one year. The meetings will last one hour but there will be a chance to socialise before and after with a cash bar.

The Meeting
  • There are 4 meetings per year

  • Registration and networking will be open for 1 hour prior to the meeting, held from 5:30-6:30 pm

  • The meeting, with presentations from 3 charities, takes place from 6:30-7pm

  • Each local charity or non-profit organisation presents for 5 minutes

  • Our members then vote for their top choice that evening

  • The charity with the most votes receives the donation of $10,000+

  • Each member will write a cheque for $100 to the organisation that received the most votes

  • The donation will be given in a self-addresses envelope, including a stamp

  • The charity will mail the receipt back to the member directly

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